Amazon Echo: 2016 – The Ultimate Guide for Advanced Users to Master Amazon Echo (Amazon Echo, user manual,web services,by amazon, Free books, Free … smart devices, internet, guide) (Volume 7)



Amazon Echo

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The Ultimate Guide for Advanced Users to Master Amazon Echo (Alexa Skills Kit, Amazon Echo 2016, user manual, web services, Free books, Free Movie)

The Amazon Echo’s capabilities are not groundbreaking or even new. Mobile phone assistants like Siri also recognize speech and speech patterns. AI abilities of this kind are always, at the very least novel. Since the computer running the ship on Star Trek the world has been waiting for this technology. Understanding speech requires true artificial intelligence unlike so many problems that face computer professionals daily. Nine-tenths of this problem cannot be solved with a big algorithm, and then patching up of the edge cases with some good old fashioned guessing. Speech recognition requires heuristics from the start. Consumers don’t often notice progress from year to year in the speech recognition field. That’s why progress that’s been made over the past several decades remains impressive. A surprising advantage of Echo is the hands-free wake-word. To make a request, don’t take the phone out of a pocket. Simply say “Alexa” or “Amazon” within earshot of the device. When you perform simple actions many times, nuance differences matter. Think about that one click too many on a frequently visited website.

In this book you will learn some advanced concepts in the programming of Alexa Skills:

  • Defining Utterances
  • Creating a Skill in Three Hours
  • Alexa App development for Amazon Echo using .NET on Windows
  • Node Module Installation, Features & API
  • Node Module Request & Response
  • Code Execution, Schema and Slots

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