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Amazon Echo Dot

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The Ultimate User Guide to Learn Amazon Dot In No Time (Amazon Dot, user manual, smart devices, web services, digital services, digital media)

The smallest version in Amazon’s Echo Family is the Dot. Dot is a lot like Echo, in fact it really does look like a sibling of the largest unit. The main difference between the two is that Dot lacks the powerful speaker of the Echo Unit, alternatively, Dot can be plugged directly into another speaker or connect via bluetooth to enjoy music and communicate with Alexa. Both units are dependent on being plugged into a wall socket for power. Where Echo is the all knowing and all powerful, Dot is the great connector. All Echo units feature Alexa and Dot is no exception. Regardless of where she is (Echo, Tap or Dot) Alexa is always learning about her users’ preferences. Use of Alexa is inherent to all Echo devices and allows for an almost totally hands-free management of home systems and hardware. Dot tethers to speakers and other smart home equipment, allowing the user to make queries, listen to music, get recipe ingredients, ask for the latest news and even order take out or an Uber to get it! Dot’s small, on-board speaker allows timer and alarm clock functionality. From the nightstand Dot can control the temperature of the home, the lighting level and set an alarm for the morning. Alexa is available in app form for FireOS, iOS, AndroidOS and desktop browsers which facilitates easy set up and management of the Dot device. Alexa can be used to connect to Spotify or other similar services like Google calendar and also to set up technology to be used in a smart home situation. Customize alert and alarm tones, buy the newest kindle release and organize an Audible library. Dot is only available to Amazon Prime members with a current Fire TV or Echo, and Alexa voice shopping is the only way to purchase a unit.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Amazon Dot Set Up
  • Connecting Speakers to Amazon Dot
  • Amazon Dot, the Basics
  • Using Alexa with Dot
  • Fun & Advanced Functions
  • Top Ten Dot Facts

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