Build Your Own Business Website: A step by step guide to building your own business website over the course of one weekend


This is an in depth guide that requires roughly about twelve hours of your time, but if you work through it, you will have fantastic results. What you will have in less than twelve hours of solid, but fun and rewarding work, is a website that will make your business look professional and is guaranteed to give your online presence a professional appearance.

I’m not going to distract you with useless filler or jargon in this guide, just straight forward advice.

This book is not for advanced users, it is specifically for business owners who are short on time and are not sure if spending money on a website is a good business decision.

Some business owners, although they know they need to have their business online, still aren’t sure about it and may be a little bit wary of how much business it will actually bring in.

Let me just say that your business MUST be online. It’s no longer an option not to have your business online. You are definitely losing customers, because there are people online right now, looking for businesses just like yours.

After using this guide and you find that your website is working and you want to make it more advanced, then you can hire a web developer to develop the website further for you, with a custom theme and more options for users, such as adding an ecommerce option.

Your website will be optimised for mobile devices, it will be fast, it will be secure and you will be able to track users who are visiting your website in real time.

August 1st, 2016 by