Buy $30 Websites for $1000 Profits: Easy, Affordable and Effective Way to Retarget Your Web Visitors


How to buy $30 to $50 websites and turn them into $1000 profits with an average of 200 to 400 targeted keyword visitors each day. How to re-target your visitors and increase your conversion rate and site value using consumer behavior patterns. Re-targeting is affordable and extremely effective. Easy and simple, no HTML or SEO. This book shows you how and where to get your search engine approved traffic. White hat techniques, with green dollar results. Easy and quick lessons on how to integrate your website with Social Media sites for the purpose of tracking your web visitors.. Internet Marketing at it’s .best. . You can opt to keep your website or sell for a profit, it’s your choice. Step by step instructions, Scroll up and grab a copy today. Be in business tonight.

Readers should already have a basic knowledge of major website and blog platforms, and understand how to set up a free social media account.

December 28th, 2015 by