Cheat Sheet: Build Amazing Teams…In 2 Minutes – The Winning Strategy and Fast Refresher for any Organization, Startup, and Enterprise


Making teams work involves a considerable investment of time and energy. Many sources gets at the root of team failure, but not on solid teaching around building a championship team.

Build Amazing Teams…In 2 Minutes deconstructs this complex topic into 6 actionable steps to building and maintaining a highly functional team. The most essential information is condensed and organized so its time saving, simple and useful; all meant to be digested in a couple of minutes.

Who is this for?

1.) The busy individual familiar with team building, desiring a cognitive refresher to drive key principles home.

2.) The newcomer who understand this is a complex topic, but wants to cut to the chase on actionable steps to begin with, instead of diving into 500+ pages of material.

Key Benefits:

• Learn how to build an amazing team from scratch.

• Understand how to select the right individuals. Ingredients are everything.

• Obtain the secret of uniting personalities to accomplish one goal.

• Keep the topic relevant and in front of you for times you fall off the program.

• Comprehend how to hire and build teams for startups.

Instead of outlining team dysfunctions and why teams fail. We cut to the case on real methods to build teams. Learn how to build trust, commitment, what tools to use for accountability and results, and most of all – what type of leader you must be to lead a team.

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