Coffee Shop Mentor: Winning in K-12: Practical Advice for Education Technology Startups in the K-12 Market



Why do so many K-12 technology startups fail? It’s not because the product or service is bad. It’s not because the founders aren’t smart enough or passionate enough. These companies fail because most education technology entrepreneurs base their business strategies on false beliefs about the K-12 education market. Who really has influence in a school or district? How does K-12 like to buy? Why aren’t low prices necessary or even smart? Think you know the answers? It’s very likely you don’t. Coffee Shop Mentor: Winning in K-12 is unlike any other business book you’ll find. It’s a refreshing new format for busy entrepreneurs. Instead of reading reams of dry information organized like a boring textbook, imagine you’re having a casual discussion over coffee with a seasoned K-12 mentor. You get practical advice organized and explained uniquely for you, the entrepreneur. For each topic, you and your mentor explore the myth, the reality, and the best ways to win. You’ll hear real-world stories, get practical ideas to try right away, and see a summary of key takeaways. Skip the big mistakes. Go straight to winning. Get your copy of Coffee Shop Mentor: Winning in K-12 now!

August 28th, 2016 by