Email Marketing: Email Marketing Beginners Guide, Email Marketing Strategies, Email Marketing Tips & Tricks


Are you clueless about where to start with Email Marketing?

I understand your pain, I was once there, I didn’t have a clue and I wish it would have been quicker and easier. To help you avoid my mistakes and pain I have put together my Email Marketing Guide

You will learn how to:

  • Keep your audience engaged whilst quickly building your authority in a niche?
  • Being able to instantly gain credibility with your email clients!
  • Start to become proficient with your email marketing

This Email Marketing Guide is my top 3 books on Email marketing which I will help you become proficient with your own Email Marketing. You will find my Beginners Guide, the Strategies I use, and the Tips & Tricks I implemented. All of this will help you to with the skills you need to dominate any niche or market.

So you’re thinking you have tried email marketing before, but have since written it off as a fad and it doesn’t work! Right? The problem might not have been with the medium but the message you were sending.

When you’re building your authority on the niche your business or website caters to, it is essential to ensuring that your email marketing efforts are received not just grudgingly, but willing, and sometimes even with excitement.

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done, especially as there is no surefire way to prove yourself as an authority figure other than to elucidate others on the fact of the matter for long enough to gain the title.

Luckily, there is a road map to the path to becoming an authority, and inside you will find everything you need to take you from inexperienced marketer to the primary authority in your niche.

In my book I will show you everything you need to know to get started and progress, up to the stage where you will know how to gain new subscribers and keep them hooked, it just a matter of doing the right things!

My book will extensively provide information and resources in the email marketing field which give you the skills to help you advance and ultimately become a dominant player in the industry.

Step by step processes are revealed and services that are offered by various providers are examined. Detailed illustrations on what actions to exclude and the measures to keenly observe, are presented in an intriguing and compelling manner to bolster your morale and inspire you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

If you wish to successfully launch your business product or service, or whether you are rebranding, this book offers directives on how to tactically and proficiently chart your course until you are prominently positioned as a leading email marketer.

My book will show you tips and tricks on every step of your email marketing. From making an email list to writing the actual email all the way down to the moment you send it, there are tips to follow every step of the way.

These tips are specifically designed to help you build your credibility in the process of marketing your product through email. This is perfect for anyone who has something to sell.

Here are some of the things I will show you:

  • What is Email Marketing
  • Why you should use Email Marketing
  • Pitfalls and How to Avoid them
  • What to include in your email
    • The most effective ways to ensure you know everything about your niche.
    • The most reliable ways to get subscribers to see you as an authority.
    • How to ensure your open rate, click through rate, conversion by source and forward rate go through the roof.
      • Raise your credibility to an all-time high.
      • Build an email list worthy of receiving your content and promotions
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