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Facebook. One word which has turned into phenomenon over the past decade. Today Facebook as a name is synonymous with Social Media. It is rare to find someone who does not have a Facebook profile these days. My Grandma has one, my friend who runs a job portal uses his to run a background check on prospective new hires and even my dog has his own Facebook profile. But why am I stating the obvious, Facebook surely needs no introduction. We all use Facebook as part of our daily ritual and according to statistics Facebook users spend 20 minutes on average using Facebook.

Speaking of numbers here are a few interesting numbers associated with Facebook:

• 1.09 Billion is the number of daily active users. That is 1.09 followed by 8 zeros. The estimated world population stands at 7 billion this year.

• 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second.

• One in every Five page views on the internet happens to be on Facebook.

• 510 comments and 250,000 statuses are updated on Facebook every minute.

• Facebook witnesses 2 billion searches every day.

• Facebook has more monthly users than WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram combined.

August 18th, 2016 by