Finding Success In Failure: True Confessions From 10 Years of Startup Mistakes



“This book is a fantastic Entrepreneurship 101 course. If you are serious about building a company, this is where to start.” ~Tucker Max, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur 

Want to make millions (or even billions) as an entrepreneur in just 18 months? 
So did I. And I used to read anything that promised it. 
It was a constant disappointment. Time after time I would read these books feeling like I couldn’t apply or reproduce their efforts. 
But after 10 years of struggling, something finally clicked. I signed up over 100,000 users for what started out as just a side project, raised almost $10 million, and ended up having my company acquired. 
So what did I do differently? 
The real question you should be asking is what I DIDN’T do to find success in failure.
In every field, from chess to gymnastics, we can make bigger gains by reducing mistakes than by making winning moves. This is especially true in business. We study the greats, trying to extract valuable lessons, when avoiding a few key blunders would be more valuable. 
Fortunately, advice on what not to do is universally applicable. The ways to fall down the mountain are shared by all climbers, no matter which path they’ve chosen. 
This book is here to teach you how NOT to fall down the mountain. 
How can you be an entrepreneur that beats the odds? How do you build a successful business that not only changes the world for the better, but creates generational wealth for you and your family? You simply need to avoid mistakes — and this book will show you how.
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