How to Turn on XP Start-up Sound in Windows 10 (3 Simple Steps)


Change Windows 10 startup sound to XP start-up sound. You can turn ON the start up/logon sound in Windows 10 and change it to Windows XP startup sound! Follow these simple steps.

1- Download the XP Start-up Sound from here. You don’t need this if you have xp sound in .wav format.

2: Type regedit in windows search pane and open Registry Editor as Administrator
(Note: It’s Registry editor, please don’t do any mistakes here. You may want to backup registry files before the edits. Proceed at your own risk)
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERAppEventsEventLabelsWindowsLogon
Open ExcludeFromCPL and change the value to “0” (zero without quotes)

3: Control PanelHardware and Sound I Sound I Sounds I you have to make two changes here
A: Check to Enable “Play Windows Start-up Sound
B: In the same window: program events I Windows I windows log-on
Browse and select the downloaded file I Apply I OK
Note: Please don’t delete or move the downloaded xp sound file.

How to Turn ON Windows XP Shutdown Sound in Windows 10

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