Introduction to Podcast Technology: Discover the essential tools and techniques you need to record, produce and launch your podcast


Podcasting is an excellent way to grow an audience and build a relationship with them. But, podcasting can be intimidating if you have to learn a dozen or more pieces of hardware and software before you deliver a single word to your listeners’ earbuds.

If you’re an aspiring podcaster who’s intimidated or overwhelmed by technology, Introduction to Podcast Technology is an ideal resource for you. It introduces each tool and technique in the podcast creation process in terms that are easy to understand and with instructions that are easy to follow.

Here are some of the topics covered in Introduction to Podcast Technology:

  • How to tell the difference between a good recording room and a bad one (and how to avoid wasting time and money when improving a bad room.)
  • Learn the two main types of microphones and why only one of them is appropriate for most podcasters.
  • Discover the difference between an audio interface and an audio recorder (and which to choose if you can only afford one or the other.)
  • Discover the one recording accessory that can make the biggest improvement in the quality of your recordings. (You’ll be surprised how inexpensive this one is.)
  • How to configure free software (used by a lot of podcasting pros) to convert master recordings to MP3 format.
  • Learn what to look for (and look out for) when choosing a media host.
  • Discover the most effective method to get your show listed in the iTunes podcast directory.

Introduction to Podcast Technology removes the technical obstacles that stand in the way of sharing your knowledge, passion and voice with the world. Pick up this book and get started today.

September 4th, 2016 by