Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online: Youtube Video Games & Affiliate Launch Promotions (Bundle)


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What you’ll discover:

Youtube for Fun & Profits

– The 8 step process to go from zero to an extra $500 per month online income

– The only game everyone should start with

– How to install this game

– How to start a Youtube channel and how to properly set up your account

– The exact tools you need to make money in this business

– How to record video and what to record

– How to upload your video for maximum viewcounts

– How to promote your video via Facebook groups

– The one step that you should never ever forget to do or you won’t get paid for your efforts

– How to monetized your content if you’re not from the U.S.

Affiliate Launch Blueprint

– A 5 step process that will help you go from ZERO to a consistent $3k per month income online!

– How to choose the products to promote

– Where to find products to promote

– The exact criteria I use every time I’m choosing a product to sell

– How to create a website from scratch

– How to choose the perfect keywords for your product

– What are the best bonuses and how this will make or break your promotions

– What services to use to help you rank in Google Fast and Cheap!

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