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Ympact aims to report, enable and inspire entrepreneurial action among young generations.
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London, one of the cosmopolitan “capitals” of the world, is where the best of tradition and modernity intersect. The city is full of activity in business, the arts, media, research and so much more. As the largest city in the European Union, it also is one of the most diverse, with 300 languages spoken. In February 2014, London was ranked as the European City of the Future by FDi Magazine. This melting pot city allows diverse ideas to collide and take shape as innovators in Silicon Roundabout and the rest of the city bring new concepts to life.

We live in an extraordinary period where innovative ideas, open information exchange, and the entrepreneurial spirit is spreading globally.

Make sure to watch “Ympact – Startups In Action”: a short film about startups we produced after 50+ interviews across 6 of the hottest startup hubs in Europe. We want to share with the world the insights we collected through our film to inspire more people to entrepreneurial action.

We aim to both inspire and inform people about what’s going on in the European startups community. It’s time for young entrepreneurs to build our future!

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