Managing Knowledge: A Practical Web-Based Approach (Addison-Wesley Information Technology)



Managing “knowledge” is a new and vital skill for corporations. In the information economy, the organization that knows the most about itself and its business is best positioned for success. But, how do you begin to implement a knowledge management strategy? How can you get started making better use of your organization’s data, information, and knowledge? Managing Knowledge is the first practical guide to applying the theories and reaping the benefits of knowledge management. You will learn tools, techniques, and methodologies to help you: *Evaluate content in the context of corporate goals *Determine what information should be included and excluded in a knowledge management implementation *Create a Web-based knowledge management strategy to support critical business processes *Find the right people to manage important content *Facilitate and encourage knowledge sharing Knowledge management allows you to increase productivity and reduce costs throughout your supply chain by getting the right content to the right people at the right time.With this book, you will learn proven methods for identifying valuable information–corporate intellectual capital–and linking it to business processes before deploying an internal Web, sparing information managers frustration. The authors demonstrate how to begin this challenging task, how to keep it moving forward, and how to overcome cultural, political, and organizational barriers to success. 020143315XB04062001

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