Mobile Marketing Playbook


As Uber has shown, mobile apps can represent a huge opportunity to create a global powerhouse. But of course, the company is also an instructive case study of how traditional businesses can be imperiled – quickly.

The fact is that if your company is not serious about mobile, then there’s a very good chance you’ll be Uber-ized.

It’s certainly scary and very real. So what to do? Well, this book is focused on how to put together a winning mobile marketing strategy. It’s for any company or organization – big or small.

More importantly, the book sets forth a step-by-step approach, with actionable advice and real-life examples. Just some of the important topics include:

Optimizing your website, video and email for mobile

Leveraging mobile ad networks and other tools

Developing engaging user interfaces

Avoiding the gotchas of ad campaigns

Building a breakout app

The author of the book, Tom Taulli, is a tech entrepreneur, having raised venture capital and selling businesses to public companies. He also writes for top publications like, and

August 20th, 2016 by