Mobile Marketing SEO vs Desktop SEO, Learning Algorithm Challenges, and Ad Blocking


January 22, 2016 SEO Theory Chat

Kent Yunk of Roaring Pajamas SEO joins SEO Theorist Michael Martinez to discuss:

* Changes in SEO based on the mobile-vs-desktop models
* How much monetization affects organic search
* Measuring SEO job performance
* Aspects of the upcoming BRAVE Web browser
* Adswipe interactive search technology
* Downside of Google’s learning algorithm integration
* Noise in user engagement data
* Problems w/ecommerce search interfaces
* The conflict between advertisers and ad blockers
* How to subvert ad blocking software w/o being annoying
* Why ad blocking is so popular with consumers
* Advertising efficiency is better than filling up pages with ads
* Digital advertising in UK now 49% of advertising budget
* Web design trends moving toward interactive sites
* How WordPress integrates new Web technologies
* Using curated embeddable content on WordPress blogs


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