Money Making Box Set: Bring Your Online Business Up to the Next Level By Following These Tips (money making, etsy business, selling on Amazon,)


BOOK #1: Amazon FBA: Top 10 Ultimate Items That Will Bring You an Annual Profit of Over $66,000 by Selling Them on Amazon FBA

Amazon is so much more than books. In the most recent quarter, Amazon reported record profits and a big part of that was from the growing trend of businesses who figured out they do not need to compete with the largest online retailer on earth. They can partner with Amazon, get the advantage of improved fulfillment and grow their profit margin. Amazon’s fulfillment service is one of the best ways of growing any online based or traditional brick and mortar business. This guide book focuses on how to best maximize your profits by utilizing Amazon’s fulfillment service. The book examines the aspects of business that entrepreneurs need to understand and which they can best outsource to service providers.

BOOK #2: Etsy: Start Your Own Etsy Business Using the Strategies Given and Make Money Easily and Quickly

Etsy:Start Your Own Etsy Business Using the Strategies Given and Make Money Easily and Quickly is a concise, helpful guide to setting up and maintaining an Etsy business. Becoming an Etsy entrepreneur and marketing your art and craft items, supplies and materials, vintage and antique items, and more. If you are an artist, crafter, or simply want to start your own home business selling creative or unique items, Etsy may be the forum you are searching for. This easy to read guide offers a step by step look at how to set up, maintain and run your Etsy business, and how to promote your products to achieve maximum earning potential.

BOOK #3: Etsy Business: 15 Useful Tips to Guide You Through How to Start Your Etsy Business

If you want to set up and Etsy business, then “Etsy Business 15 Useful Tips to Guide You Through Starting Your Etsy Business” will help you learn how to build your business from the ground up. If you want to make a success of your Etsy business and generate an income, this book will show you where to begin so you can get crafting and selling, while enjoying the benefits of having a successful Etsy business.

BOOK #4: Selling on Amazon: Use the Strategies Given in This Book to Sell on Amazon and Become Prosperous

Are you new to selling on Amazon? Or have you been selling for quite some time and still need some help boasting your profit margin? Well this book is here to help you get the most out of your Amazon account. We provide the blueprint and details and you make the money. It’s as simple as that. You might be new to Amazon and may not know what all the site has to offer when it comes to selling your product. Or you could be a seasoned vet, who still has upgraded to Pro Merchant Status. Even worse, this might be the first time you’re reading the term. It’s okay. This book will explain that and much more.

BOOK #5: Social Media:Start With Social Media: 46 Steps Social Media Strategy for Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram

If you want to take advantage of social media marketing for your business, look no further. This e-book provides you with easily understood tips and tricks for social network advertising on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We’ll show you the best of social media’s unique opportunities for marketing.

We guide you through the often-confusing maze of platforms, communities and social media tricks, so that you can find out which tips will be most effective for your business.

Using straightforward, clear language and an objective approach, we show you the ways to implement marketing campaigns in an intelligent manner.

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