Passive Income: 5 Beginners Online Business Models to Start Making 1000$-7000$ per month through multiple Passive Income Streams (Make Money Online, Financial … Streams, Online Startup, E-commerce Empire)


I will teach you 5 easy ways to start making money online while you sleep!

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You’re about to discover in-depth information on how a person can go about each type of model as a way of creating passive income. This book mainly focuses on online sources of income which is an area of interest to so many people nowadays. You might have already heard of different people depending on online income as their main source of income and could be wondering how that is possible.

You need not look any further because this book is exactly what you need as an introduction to online passive income. It covers the basics of the two aspects that stand out; online income and passive income, and I believe will be an answer to all the questions you had in mind. I know how challenging it is for a person to only depend on their employment because as time passes demands increase and in most cases, the salary we get still remains the same. When bills pile life becomes unbearable and increases your chances of developing stress or depression. There is, however, a way out of all these, that being thinking of different ways of creating passive income.

You’ll Learn to Make Money With…

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Membership Business Model
  • Advertising
  • Kindle Publishing
  • Selling on Amazon and Ebay
  • And much, much


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