Slack for Start-Ups : 70 techniques to boost your team


Slack is a wonderful tool that’s completely changing the way people work together.

When I discovered Slack, my first thought was “Why the hell people are crazy about this app? It’s just a good old chat like in the late ’90s”. At that time, I hoped to find a book that gathers all the information I needed as a Slack newbie.

So I decided to write a book. A complete, clear, and concise Slack guide that can follow you for a long time in your Slack journey.

Slack is useful for all types of businesses and sectors, but it’s especially relevant for start-ups. The Slack creators designed and marketed it for small businesses, and it’s truly efficient in flexible environments and needs some contribution from your business.

My goal is not to turn you into a Slack expert but rather to give you all the value of Slack in a minimum amount of time. It’s not Slack for dummies but for entrepreneurs.

I divided this book into three parts:
After the introduction and some information about Slack’s legend, you’ll read how you can improve your Slack usage. You’ll learn how to do simple actions but also what you can do from this point to go further. Some shortcuts and useful use cases will improve your pleasure using Slack.
In the second part, you’ll learn how to use Slack inside your team in your day-to-day business. There’s also information on how you can improve your internal communication, get people more involved in your company, and reduce emails and meetings.
Finally, you’ll read how to bring the world inside your Slack account. The power of Slack is to be open to other people, other applications, or other data. Slack can become the central messaging, data, and files storage point of your company, as essential as a control tower in an airport. You’ll also learn how to use the Slack API, link the services you already use, and benefit from the applications created by the growing Slack community.

Let’s dive in Slack’s spirit.

September 7th, 2016 by