Steemit 101: Discover How to Make Money and Have Fun on the Social Media Site that Pays YOU to Post and Vote on Content


Get Paid to Post and Vote on Good Content

What if you got paid to post on Facebook? What if you could make money by upvoting other peoples’ posts on Reddit? Imagine a social media site that rewards people and not greedy shareholders. Welcome to Steemit. This short guide will explain how you can join for free and start earning money right away. But first, we need to explain what Steemit is and how it can afford to pay people like us just for posting blogs, voting, and having fun.

“I couldn’t be more proud to see these talented authors come together, adopt the technology, and begin using it to empower others. Get a head start with this book.” –Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit


Chapter 1. Introduction to Steemit

Chapter 2. The Trouble with Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Other Social Media

Chapter 3. Steemit’s Fast Start

Chapter 4. Getting Started on the Site

Chapter 5. Make Money Posting

Chapter 6. Tips for Creating a Popular Post

Chapter 7. Make Money Voting, Commenting, and Having Fun

Chapter 8. Mining STEEM

Chapter 9. Steemit Economics 101

Chapter 10. STEEM Power: Betting on Steemit’s Growth

Chapter 11. Finding Up-and-Comers and Rewarding Good Quality Posts

Chapter 12: Introducing Yourself Nicely

Chapter 13: How to Deal with Trolls and Bullies

Chapter 14. Following Your Favorite Posters

Chapter 15: A Supportive Community and a New Tag

Appendix. About the Authors

What is Steemit?

Steemit is much more than a money-making opportunity. It is a decentralized social media site, like Facebook or Reddit, but without a big company at the top that sucks out profits. Steemit uses a new model for social media, relying on people instead of advertising. Users post content, link content from other sites, and help to curate it by upvoting the best content to everyone else’s attention. That puts it beyond the control of greedy corporations, large media conglomerates, and repressive governments. It is the first social media site that’s truly free of these controls.

The content is free and the money goes to the people who post and vote on it.

Steemit runs on the blockchain, the same technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The blockchain allows information and transactions to be verified quickly, securely, and automatically. Because the site can pay you automatically, there is no need for a big corporate infrastructure, and there is no corporation to run away with your profits. You are paid in STEEM dollars, a price stable token that is always worth about $1 and can be converted to Bitcoin or regular money. You are also rewarded with greater voting power and a stake in Steemit’s growth each time you post and vote on good content.

Who are we, the co-authors of this book? We are four members of the Steemit community who want to share it with the world. In our first month on Steemit, each of us earned several thousand dollars for posting content that became popular with the Steemit community. We earned more money by voting on and replying to other peoples’ posts. We’d like to be your guides for the next few pages as you learn about this site. We will help you discover how to make money and have fun when you post and vote on content. And we’re pretty sure we know how to have fun on Steemit also!

Maybe you want to drop the book at this point and just head over to Steemit. You are welcome to do so, but we encourage you to invest a little time and energy to understand it first. We promise to teach you some secrets that will save you time, cut down on your learning curve, and help you succeed right away on Steemit.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

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