Technology Trendsetters


Technology. It’s everywhere. It’s what impacts every sector of our lives, the ways in which we

conduct our daily activities, work and play. We have to thank technology for so many things: the

possibility to communicate regardless of distance, the rise of new and exciting jobs, medicine’s

huge progress, even the possibility to travel the world. Many of the things that cross our minds

are linked to technology or they appeared as a consequence of a technological boom, or they are

enabled by some technology advancement.

At this point in time, you may be wondering: what’s next? Well, truth be told, nobody can predict

100% what the technology of the future will look like. But that didn’t stop us from gathering the

opinions of people who are head over heels into tech trends and developments.

In this eBook, you will read 15 incredibly interesting interviews aiming to shed light on what to

expect from technology, VR, IoT, AR and robotics in particular, but also on how these influence and

change every sector of our lives. How can we make sure that they don’t also also diminish our

humanity? Well, that was one of the key questions we asked our interviewees. Think about what you

would answer and then go through what the experts had to say.

August 1st, 2016 by