The Aspiring Entrepreneur Entry Strategy: A Practical Step-By-Step Guide for Finding a Validated, Winning Business Idea That Stays True to Who You Are


About the book

The Aspiring Entrepreneur Entry Strategy is a step-by-step guide for finding a validated, winning business idea that stays true to who you are.

If you’re a young professional that wants to build a lifestyle microbusiness* but still looking to find that one winning business idea, this book was created tailor-made for you.

* Lifestyle microbusiness is a business in which you are the sole-founder, is based on a marketable hobby/interest/activity you’re particularly passionate about and it has the potential to provide you a comfortable living.

On the contrary, if you want to build the next Google and you’re looking for that “billion dollar idea”, this is NOT your book and please don’t buy it as it won’t serve you well.

Why this book

– Not an encyclopaedia of options: This is NOT a book that will provide you an encyclopaedia of options and then tell you go scre# yourself and figure it out, but instead present to you a 7-step process that works

– A guide book not a vague series of ideas: The promise is clear: Walk you through in a painstaking detail on how to get from nothing to a validated winning business idea that stays true to who you are

– Straight from the source: We went out there, speak with 100+ entrepreneurs “that been there, done that” in order to crack the business idea code and distil those findings in an easy to follow way

About the author

Andreas Aravis is an online sidepreneur, digital strategist at Highflyers London and the founder of No More Startup Myths, a blog/incubator dedicated to helping young aspiring entrepreneurs build a viable lifestyle B2C microbusiness without risking losing their shirt.

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