The Big Bang Entrepreneur: When Start-ups and Ethics Collide


Often times we need to learn the hard way. Sometimes we learn by trial and error. As entrepreneurs, we never really pay much attention to how important ethics is to a new business. We certainly do not realize how our actions helps a start-up become an empire.

This book will create this awareness. Do you want your company to be a mediocre has-been? This book gives us a guide in how to form a vibrant empire by using proven ethical techniques. This is the business book every new entrepreneur as well as the seasoned business owner should categorize as “a must read,” if you want to form a lasting, socially responsible, and thriving company.

John Errigo gives a very crisp and to-the-point book about the two concepts, ethics and entrepreneurship. This book of 52 pages gets to the point about this topic. Often people think of ethics and entrepreneurs as an oxymoron. This essential book for every new and seasoned business owner will not only prove the oxymoron false, but why ethics and entrepreneurship is essential. When these two concepts collide, you have the formation of a lasting empire.
Nobody wants their business to have the same fate as Enron and other such companies. This book will give you the practicality to make it in today’s tough climate and thrive in an ethical and common sense manner. An empire is yours to create or recreate.

August 19th, 2016 by