The Entrepreneur’s IP Planning Playbook: A Strategy Guide To Help Solopreneurs, Startup Founders, And Entrepreneurs Harness Their Intellectual Capital



Intellectual property can be a dizzying maze for entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs have some idea that their intangible assets have value and that they should be taking steps to protect these assets. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don’t have any idea where to begin. But have no fear. In The Entrepreneur’s IP Planning Playbook, author Robert A. Klinck sets out a step-by-step strategy guide that entrepreneurs and startups can use to develop an intellectual property plan – the first step in harnessing value. This strategy guide is designed to provide entrepreneurs – from solopreneurs to entrepreneurs running late-stage startups – with a working knowledge of how to create and execute an intellectual property plan. Packed with actionable guidance, the Playbook answers the following questions: • Why every business needs an IP plan? • What are the elements of an IP plan? • How can an entrepreneur go about creating an IP plan? • Who should be involved in creating a company’s IP plan? Providing an educational yet reasonable overview of IP Planning, Klinck offers an essential resource for entrepreneurs interested in learning how to maximize the value of the largest class of assets owned by most companies.

July 30th, 2016 by