The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups



#1 Best Seller in Lean Management

The first and most comprehensive book on bringing the startup mindset into large organizations. Forget vague notions of creating an “innovative culture.” This book reveals the methodologies, tools, and incentive structures guiding the world’s largest organizations to reclaim their innovation prowess.

Even in a tough economic climate, small startups have found ways to create innovative products in shockingly short timeframes. So why should larger, more established companies take notice? Because they have everything to gain when they examine and adopt the process, strategies, and mentality of high-growth startups. The guidelines in this book will help companies shake the lethargy, bureaucracy, and power struggles that plague large organizations.

Respected thought leaders in lean startup methodologies, Owens and Fernandez cover successful enterprise product development, establishment of innovation labs, and acquisition and integration of startups.

  • Essential reading for product managers, directors, senior executives, and even board members of Fortune 2000 companies
  • Presents the tools and methodologies large businesses need to compete with a new generation of highly-empowered startups
  • Identifies the forces that stunt growth in large enterprises
  • Offers a comprehensive approach for developing exciting products and opening vast new markets

Don’t be mystified by the success of startups. Master the methods of this new era and compete on a level playing field.

August 19th, 2016 by