The New Frontier: A Pocket MBA: What Goes Into a High Tech Startup


Learn to think like a high tech entrepreneur. Discover a trick on how to do market research to determine whether people will buy an innovative new product, even though that product is secret or does not exist yet. Review the basic business fundamentals of structuring and running a company, how to best allocate your limited human resources, and how to estimate expensing, costing, revenue, and profits. Delve into the fundamentals of executive management. Learn what a financial sheet is and how to read it. Learn methods for valuing companies. Receive an orientation about patents and raising money.

If you have a team and are working on a product, but you have no idea what lies ahead, you will want to read this book. This book presents a high level overview and is intended to give college-aged readers, particularly those involved in tech fields, a quick overview of the business landscape and how to create a high tech startup. This book is an easily accessible introduction to business, and it will become a very useful supplement for business students as they progress through their course work.

August 10th, 2016 by