The Secret to Maximizing Your Internet Presence (Swanepoel Technology Report Book 2013)


Blogging: The Key to Prospecting, Networking and Building Relationships. Blogging may very well be real estate’s largest lead generation play. With so many people starting their search for homes online, you need a method and a place to connect with those people, and to expand your client base and your future income pipeline. A blog can be a great tool to capture and nurture leads.

This eBook forms part of the 2013 Swanepoel Technology Report series. Each eBook is approximately 10 pages long and provides practical hands on tips, tools and action steps of how to use each specific technology product or service in business. Examples and case studies are also provided. Topics covered include: Blogging, Podcasting, Video, Twitter, Digital Footprint, Evernote, Klout, Mobile, Tablets, etc.

Managing Author: Stefan Swanepoel, Co-Author: Michael McClure, Contributors: Sean Carpenter, Jeff Lobb, Kelly Mitchell, Chris Nichols, Jay Thompson, Krisstina Wise & Kendyl Young. Editing: Thomas M. Mitchell, Cover: DJ Swanepoel, Layout and Design: Tinus Swanepoel, Graphics: Chris Long.


“The Swanepoel Technology Report is THE go-to source for any real estate professional that has any interest in online or technology.”
Lisa Archer & Laurie Davis
The Geeky Girls

“The Swanepoel Trends Report has been the ultimate real estate resource highlighting emerging concepts and elements shaping the business. The thought of combining the power of Swanepoel and McClure’s experience, passion, and knowledge to create a second publication, the Swanepoel Technology Report, has me at the edge of my seat with anticipation.”
Debra Trappen
d11 consulting

“Swanepoel and McClure together wield powerful influence in Real Estate Technology and are helping to shape the direction of the industry.”
Teri Conrad, Communications
Brand and Promotions Strategist

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